A lil introduction to myself, also the purpose of this blog
Date published: 7/7/2023

Hello to the lil gay people in my computer, and welcome to the inaugural post on my blog!!! I have no idea how you might’ve found this lil place, but regardless i shall introduce myself. Im a 19 year old australian guy who spends a bit too much time on the internet. My main interest is politics, and that will be very clear by the content i post on here. But apart from that soul-sucking thing known as politics, i also enjoy listening to music, in particular metal. I listen to all kinds of metal, but in particular im most drawn to the subgenres of mathcore (funny considering i study maths at university, but i swear those two things are unrelated) and black metal. Over on the links page i have a page where you can see what im listening to, and a rateyourmusic page where you can see what i think about the music im listening to (also expect occasional posts about music on here lol). oh also sometimes i play video games. I will beat the shit out of you in pre-1.9 minecraft pvp, and am also pretty good at playing a plastic guitar (Guitar Hero), but apart from those i don't play many other games. anyway enough about me - onto a quick description what ill be doing on this blog here

Okay so the main part of this blog will be me talking about politics. In general, on this blog i'll be mainly rambling about general politics, geopolitics, Australian politics, and American politics (because who doesn't love the drama of USpol). I aim for this to be relatively comprehensible for a normal audience who doesnt waste their life with this bullshit, however if some marxist or other jargon slips in then i do apologise, studying poli-sci at uni has done great damage to my brain. Okay thats cool and all, but what are your political beliefs, i hear you ask [pause for effect]. Well id describe myself as a Marxist, one of the evil far-leftists in control of three-quarters of the world (at least, according to The Australian).

While politics may be the main part of the blog, as i mentioned earlier i'll probably occasionally post about music or other dumb shit that happens in my life, just whatever the fuck i feel like talking about in general. oh and one last thing before i go, i fully encourage you (yes you, the one reading this right now!!!) to post whatever the fuck youd like in the comments. as long as its not too off-topic.

Thats all ive got to say for now, in the next few days i plan to write a post about the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and some thoughts about it. oh and one last thing - this website will still be in a very under construction state for a while, but i promise im working very hard!!! okay byebye xoxo <3

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